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Art & Soul

Painting From Source

November 26, 2017.  1 – 4 pm

Williamsville, Vermont

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We will spend a soulful afternoon creating expressions from within, using oil paints. This is a welcoming, creative and safe experience for terrified, new and experienced artists alike. Learn a new way to access your creative expression.



You will experience guided possibilities utilizing:
Non-dominant hand;
Visioning for symbols;
Sensory attunement/painting without your eyes;
Word/poetry summoning expression;
Supportive Medicine wheel practices to elicit a painting of wholeness.
Create something new in developing a relationship between your subconscious and your body. Allow the muse to arrive, delivering expression, while disintegrating pesky perfectionism and paralyzing patriarchal constructs.
Expect to take home some beautiful creations. Fee is $90 Materials: Paint, utensils, tape & smocks provided, please bring 9 x 12 pad or larger of Arches paper.
Space is limited for a small group. Register early to ensure your space.

Stephanie Foy is a Certified Sequencing Teacher through River Gallery School. She weaves her love for the human soul and unique expression with years of experience facilitating powerful groups. She enjoys encouraging the unfolding of remarkable individual beauty. She hopes we will laugh a lot as we create together. To register email or call 802-380-3306.

Women's Council Circle

Next council – TBA


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a circle of support for the times we are living. 




Council is not a workshop.  Here we share and gather strength, supports, wisdom, creativity and collaboration. Our gathering will not be focused around food, however, if you feel to bring a dish to share, surely it’s welcome.  I will have lots of tea for us. Please let me know if you are able to join me. 

There is never a fee for council.  This is a FREE event. Please RSVP for directions. 

New Year's Eve Firewalk & Day of Connection

December 31, 2017 – 2:30pm

Spirit Hollow ~ North Bennington, Vermont

Full Moon New Year’s Eve Firewalk ~ Walking the fiery knowing



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How do we walk in the world during these times and what kinds of footprints will we leave for the generations that follow?
Gather to reflect on the upheaval, pain, growth and gifts of 2017 and unite in a vision of inclusion and wellbeing for ALL as we walk into 2018.  This fire is devoted to the wholeness of community. All are welcome. 
As the time for the patriarchy comes to a clear end, there will be space in circle for the hard topics that are on our collective plates.  
The new way forward was written in prophecy and is our global destiny.  The feminine revolution is a peeling back of the layers with a clear and definite truth.
This revolution does not look like a masculine revolution. There are no weapons. There are no wars.  There is, however an unavoidable, brave and emotional conversation.
There is an excavation, a dedication to getting to the bottom of what is causing this country unrest.
There is a unity, joining hands, circling and meeting. Underground, above ground, all around.
There is a wide inclusion. A willingness to support, heal and learn from all, and attempt New ways forward.
A feminine revolution does not seek to take over the masculine. It seeks to pour life into being.  To stand beside children, elders and all genders with power, voice and inclusion.  It seeks to bring wild and innate gifts to the table where they can be received for nourishment.  The feminine exists in all gender and all life form.
Let us walk into this fiery knowing!
This emerging truth is palpable on the land and in the elements. Can you feel it? Come and steep in the sharing of that truth, as we open our hearts to a greater vision and a dedication to the generations ahead. Embody your strength and enliven prayers for our soul starved world.
This ceremony will include time to come into connection with the land that holds us, the community that witnesses us and space to listen to the still voice rising within you.
You will be guided in ancient practices and invited to participate. No previous firewalking experience is required, your curiosity or desire is enough. There is no such thing as knowing beforehand what to do, even for those who have walked the fire many times. Come begin with us at this moment in our cultural, national, personal and collective healing.
Particularly welcome are those who often stay silent or in hiding. Take a risk where you are seen and needed. The bridge will be lit and blazing, lighting the way for conscious connection. With humble steps, we will weave intention and care through the human hearts, the elements and the land.
When we join together to support and witness each other in vulnerability and power, we create a strong community; one which has the ability to effect true change.
Expect a circle in which we explore personal and collective obstacles, fears, goals and empowerment. You will be given all the guidance necessary should you choose to walk the fire at the end of the evening. You do not need to walk the fire to participate in this ceremony. 
Would you like more info? See FAQ and Visit:
You will need to bring:
Your human heart and an open mind. Warm clothing for outside. (We will also be inside for much of the evening) Any gear you need to spend the night. Drum or other musical instrument you play. A potluck dish.  Your voice, your fear, your joy, your curiousity, bring your SELF – we look forward to seeing you! 
Music: Calling all high vibing, community loving, action oriented drumming, fluting or strumming dreamers…help us raise the vibration with your musical offerings.  Be in touch before the event to let me know you are coming!
Food: Potluck.  Please bring a dish to share.  Substance free please!  Volunteers to help setup and organize at the event are appreciated ~ we will feast together!
Overnight accommodations at Spirit Hollow are available for $15/person/night (shared space) with limited access to kitchen in the morning. Space is in the yurt which has a woodstove and will be warm and cozy. This space is not private – it will be shared among those who stay for the pajama party. (Please plan to carry out what you brought in.). Please bring a check payable to Spirit Hollow for your overnight fees.  Nearby accommodations may be found on Spirit Hollow’s website under the “directions” tab.
For those that remain, New Year’s Day morning we will gather at 9:00 with intention and focus our hearts toward the wholeness of all that is, before setting back off into the world.
And again, All are welcome! Experience or a desire to walk the fire is not necessary.
Cost is $150 if registered prior to December 1. (After December 15, cost is $175) Please plan to arrive at 2:30 to complete registration and get settled. Spectators are not allowed. **Pre-registration with $50 deposit is required.  If this cost is prohibitive, please feel free to be in touch and propose a barter prior to December 1.  Indigenous and POC please feel welcome to utilize a sliding scale of $0-75.
Note for previous participants, this is a unique event and will be different from other firewalks you have experienced with me. We are at a new moment in time, and this offering will reflect our new moment.
A note from your facilitator, Stephanie Foy: In 2005, I became a Certified Empowerment Teacher and Firewalk Instructor through Sundoor. I have walked on fire well over six hundred times. I believe in the power of fire, in deconstructing limiting beliefs, and in the healing aspects of community. I am a guide to soul and offer wilderness therapy and rites of passage through vision fasts, firewalk, group retreats and ceremony. In 1999, I founded Dimensions In Healing where I work with individuals and offer trauma healing support, wilderness rites of passage and craniosacral therapy. I have developed this strong and unique ceremony to help people step into present life with connection and vibrancy. While the focus of the firewalk is not on trauma but rather on the vast potential, space is held for each human heart’s history. You will be asked to take risks and you will be held well while you take them. Your safety and wellbeing are important to me.
Feel free to be in touch via email (no texts, please) with any questions and please do extend this invitation to your friends and family.

Women's Wild Soul Immersion

Vision Fast

July 30 – August 3, 2017







Program Description

This offering calls to women who are hungry for immersion in soul and nature. Take this time to connect deeply and allow us to support you with a safe, wild and powerful container for these ancient rites of passage.Wilderness fasting and questing are ancient and cross-cultural ways of listening to the voice of soul, psyche and nature. We will drop into deep relationship with the wild landscape around us and within us, to our most authentic selves, and to the circle of Community.Whether your individual experience within a men’s world has so far been damaging or empowering, this time together offers the way of the feminine to nourish soul and be remembered.We will spend time in daily council sharing thoughts and reflections, offering ceremony, and connecting with the land. We will eat, laugh, and enjoy wildness together. You will be prepared to go out for a 24-hour solo fast in the middle of the week. On your solo, expect to​ be in ceremony, without people, food or modern shelter. You will be with the land, your intention, water and soul.



As with all soul work, you are likely to experience discomfort, frustration, and meet ​your personal edges. You are also likely to ​​discover a deep belonging, authentic truths and touch the center of your own awe. The fruits of your efforts will match your commitment.

After this powerful ceremony, you will be welcomed back together, with support to share stories, develop insights and integrate your knowing from this sacred time with the E​arth.

We will guide you as you redefine your intended way of walking, being ​and doing​ in the world. You will gather support to embody the unique gifts and medicine that are yours to carry back home and into your daily life.

Allow yourself to dive deeply into the sanctuary of the earth, the feminine and the mystery and recover your soul’s belonging. We will be waiting to receive you in a strong circle of solidarity and love.

Women’s Nature Immersion will be guided by Stephanie Foy, and assisted by Marion Dulude

Since 1999, Stephanie has been operating the Center for Dimensions in Healing where she offers Trauma Resolution, Soul Medicine, Wilderness Rites of Passage and Firewalking. It has long been her call and honor to guide women’s vision fasts and wilderness journeys. She is dedicated to the rising of soul and authenticity and trusts in the power of ceremony.

Stephanie thrives in the wilds, the depths and the waters and carries a reverence, delight and urgency for presence with the varied landscapes of our world. She brings rich experiences as woman, mother, guide, medicine person and daughter of the Earth, and is forever a student of Nature’s teachings.

Change agent, guide and lover of the vast human heart, she is a fierce advocate for truth and wholeness. Nature and soul is at the center of all she seeks to serve. You can find her tracking soul and wellbeing into the dark corners, vibrant light and hidden valleys. Her desire and call is to offer a safe, rich and wild container for continued connection and understanding for our inner and wilder landscapes.

A note from Stephanie: Your safety and wellbeing are important to me. You will receive grounded, present support for your sacred journey. Please reach out with any questions.

Marion Dulude sprouted and grew up in Montreal’s urban soil yet it didn’t prevent her from developing her wildness! Her greatest joys come from moments shared with beings of all ages exploring nature and re-learning how to learn with their heart, senses and instincts. She is passionate about alternative education, social and environmental justice, permaculture, wilderness living and survival skills. She has been an environmental educator for the past 8 years working for non profit organizations, schools and camps on projects rooted in intercultural and experiential approaches. She offers 5 different yearlong nature immersion rite of passage programs for youth, teens and adults. She continues to be moved and inspired by the awakenings and transformations that nature based rites of passages can foster within people as well as the deep connection to soul that often arise from engaging with nature in reciprocal ways.

As a wilderness guide she guides hiking, biking, canoeing and winter camping expeditions that range from 3 to 14 days in Canada and the United States. She is a certified Wilderness First Responder. Her path has been joyfully sinuous, including formal education and less conventional education. She has a masters in Environmental Science, she completed the 2 year nature mentor program at Wilderness Awareness School in Washington state. She also trained with the School of Lost Borders completing the month long training and assisting a vision fast to deepen her skills as a rite of passage guide. She is committed to weaving webs of inter-generational community to support people in the development of all dimensions of their being so that they can offer their unique contributions to their community and the world.
Ceremony will take place in Southern Vermont home of woodland ridges, secluded hollows and rocky outcrops, on magical land, steeped in refuge and regeneration. It will hold us well.

Details,location and lots more information will be sent via mail upon registration.

One-half tuition payment as a sign of commitment upon registration: We hope that this tangible and very practical financial commitment will stand as a marker, or threshold, for you that allows you to more fully turn into the preparation/severance stage of your ceremony. In other words, to make it real!

Payment in full is required by June 30, 2017. Fees: $950 total tuition. $475 deposit due upon registration.

What do we mean by ceremony?

What do we mean by ceremony?

Ceremony is an act of devotion. The decision to enter into sacred space with intention and reverence to mark a specific life passage; it is a communication with the deepest self, the natural world, and a circle of community; a holy conversation with the non-linear world.

Ceremony lifts up crisis and challenge, and makes them sacred. When we take the time to gather the inherent wisdom of these experiences rather than just survive them, we find meaning, we begin to thrive.

It is not necessary to hold a specific belief or religion, or to have prior experience. This ceremony calls home the daughters of the Earth. She offers a sweet unfolding and opening to the love which is already holding you, and a knowing of the deepest belonging.

There is no “right” or “wrong” way to do ceremony. There is the discovery of your own way that delights the soul and enlivens the body. Perhaps your way is simple, or maybe it’s elaborate. What is important is that you are called to begin.

What words speak of a woman’s soul? We don’t know, but this discovery speaks to: that which is contained in us that can only be mirrored by wild nature; a deep well of imagery, wisdom and mystery; circles of nourishment; fertile soil, cavernous heart; cycles and seasons; a return to the wild indigenous one; a wide and preconditioned truth; soft, verdant valley; the sacred recorder of this journey of life.

Here we reclaim our relationship with soul and nature. We return to the world with a renewed knowing of truth.

Life experience initiates us again and again, whether we are conscious of it or not. Rarely are we provided with the support and understanding to take on the deeper meaning, and the guidance to celebrate and integrate these life changing experiences.

Meredith Little shares “Rather than ceremony being a magical means of getting to where you wish you were, it formally marks where you have arrived. The secret teaching is that this is the fastest way of moving into our becoming.”

“There have only been a few experiences that have had such a huge impact on my life. The effects of that evening have been with me for two years now, and I can honestly say I have grown immensely from all that was given at that firewalk.” C.S.

Fanning the Flames
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“The fire and the rain are scheming to steal our impossible pain. The sun and the moon and the stars remember our real names, and our ancestors pray for us while we’re dreaming.” —Rob Brezny