Are you an embodied soul, allowing for wholeness as you “do your spiritual work?” It always cracks me up to hear that phrase (“doing spiritual work”), as if it is something separate to be done somewhere out there, rather than right here, in the wholeness of humanity with both feet on the ground.

As I understand it, the “work” is an effort to live and be present, while feeling it all and opening wider to embody more truth. Not to be somewhere hovering above it all, peering down musing about how to avoid pain and focus only on the “positive” or the light. The integration of soul and wholeness into every moment is “the work”.

Embodying wholeness is a worthwhile pursuit. Wholeness is reflected in nature, and the attending to it.

Below is from a Q&A with an eloquent Adyashanti on the topic.

“If your spiritual life is only about going into altered states, you don’t have a lived beingness, and you don’t think you need it. You’re deluded by the idea that that’s all there is or that’s enough.

As the awakening descends, you come into whole different areas of your being that are going to be seen through. When you get down below the neck, you get down and dirty, if you know what I mean.

It’s like the spiritual time to put on your gloves, and there is a lot of human seeing on a very deep emotional level that’s required to really get there. If we are stuck, as you say, the spiritual state may actually be used to protect us from having to die more completely. So the high spiritual states are some of the most effective hideouts because they can seem so blissful and so complete. And there you are having these amazing experiences, but you are still kicking your dog when you come home from work.” ~ Adyashanti