My heart is breaking. Within the broken spaces I feel love for you all. Love for the beauty of this country. Love for what is good.

My heart is breaking for the people who are celebrating their “win”
saturated in propaganda and the blind hope that someone, finally, may do something for them and that liberals and elders and people with hope and active hearts are their greatest challenge
Sweet souls, we will be here, for the duration
Standing up for you too.

In the wake of the damage done by the ancestors
some choose to resist
some will comply or collude
this is the spirit of democracy

Opening to the heart and soul
as greed rakes through the land
pouring oil into our drinking supply
and threatening our people, our wild spaces
denying the damage while
money is made
truth is a commodity

The words of Eric Garner ring loud this morning
as the destructive, violent authority
takes their seat on the head of the people oppressed
Cries of “I cant breathe” dismissed
until life is squashed

And rising in the heart is the knowing
that there are so many
so many
competent, bright and energetic souls
ready and moving
committed and growing
in forward motion
for goodness and truth

Grandmothers and daughters
Speaking and refusing silence
organizing communities
stepping up and out
saying come here
we all belong
restoring justice for all

May we stand together, hand in hand, resisting while
remembering the sacred.

Love, S.