Meet Stephanie

“Who I am is not separate from what I do.”


As Ram Dass says “We are all just walking each other home”. It would be an honor to walk with you on part of your journey.

Who I am is not separate from what I do.

CranioSacral therapy, for me is truly a life saving science. I have invested sixteen years of study, twenty-five years of practice, and have well understood and integrated the tools that I share here with you.

In 2013, I completed a 3 year study in Peter Levine’s Trauma Resolution (Somatic Experiencing “SE”).  SE offers a defined clarity of the delicate layers of the nervous system and structures of the body. SE provides an avenue of understanding how we respond to and can heal from trauma.

Wilderness guiding and rites of passage are woven through these offerings.  What does that mean?  Nature takes center stage, within us and around us as our ultimate guide.  Certain stages of life require us to mark time with ceremony and witnesses.  Births, entering adolescence; marriage, death, divorce, and elderhood are supported through ceremony with teachings on and from the land.  Group and individual rites of passage are offered throughout the year, when possible.

In 2005, I became a Certified Empowerment Teacher and Firewalk Instructor through Sundoor. I have walked on fire hundreds of times, and joyfully facilitated close to a hundred firewalk ceremonies and events.  I  believe in the power of fire as support in deconstructing limiting beliefs; and in its healing aspects for community.

As a guide through your dark or blind corners, I will be protective. I will not let you lie to yourself, or beat yourself up. I will not offer a promise of a 10 minute cure to a lifelong pattern. I do not cut corners, though I will not waste your time. I have been through some of the most challenging of human experiences and offer relevance, respect and a wide range of tools. I am happy to journey with you to help you recover your gifts. I will have your back while you dive deep. I will help to keep you focused on your tangible goals.

Your safety and wellbeing are important to me.  I am not a dabbler in any of my offerings.  I continue to learn and practice in honor of my Teachers, the Elements ~ Fire, Water and Earth ~ and the vast, tender Human Heart.

I look forward to meeting you.

With thanks:  A true teacher knows your inner landscape and holds you in wholeness, until you find yourself there.  Many thanks to those who truly walk the heart walk, weave the way and share it with others. My sincere gratitude to: Tracey Alysson; The School of Lost Borders; Peter Levine; Raja Selvam, and of course, the Great Mystery, Life.


“I had debilitating migraines for twelve years. Since our work together, I am pleased to say that I have not had ONE migraine in six months, something I never thought possible. Your faith in me and your exquisite skill have changed my life. Thank you.” Fran Randall.

“Both my children and husband now also see Stephanie. My husband is not a person to embrace any type of healing, medical or alternative. After repeated visits to the doctor to identify a foot pain, he saw Stephanie and was astounded when he walked out of her office pain-free. We both saw Stephanie after major surgeries and shocked our doctors with our recoveries. Only one week after major nose and throat surgery I had a craniosacral session and I was able to stop my prescription painkillers. My surgeon was so impressed with my progress that he asked me back for two additional appointments to further document my success. I gave Stephanie all the credit.” C. Livingston

“This has opened me to the incredible things that were inside me. This opens those doors very quickly. My present life experience mixed with other things, some of which seemed to be previous lives; you can call them what you will. The emotions flood out, if you allow them. This therapy is simply, profound. Things happen, right away.” Michael Shuval

“I cannot sum up the totality of my experience with Stephanie by merely listing our successes. Recently a friend asked me why I felt so strongly about our work together. I found myself searching for the words to describe the range of emotions I’ve felt in her care; from the joy of touching my true being to the tears of relief as the tension leaves my body. I felt the word I wanted: love. Stephanie embodies unconditional and compassionate love for her work, her gifts, her vision, and thus for our path. No other healer has ever offered me more. And with Stephanie’s help, I am learning to offer it to myself. Thank you Stephanie!”

“I shed so many layers in this session, it would be hard to describe. This process is amazing and it is no exaggeration to say that I walked out changed for the better. But it is not magic as you reminded me. I had to do the work, Thank you for guiding me to all the right places.” Heide

Group Workshops/Firewalk Testimonials

“…St. John of the Cross (16th century Spanish mystic) called it The Dark Night of the Soul. I’ve just been through not one dark night, but many. And you, Stephanie, encouraged me to attend the workshop not only despite the intense vulnerability I was feeling, but more importantly because of it; to bring what you called my “tender, raw, vulnerable self” and be open to the Fire.
“I did not know, or think, I would cross the coals that night because of my current weakness. The turning point arrived mid-workshop. I knew then with certainty I would cross. You helped me find my courage to face Fire and cross those coals, and it was the recent dark nights of my soul and the deepest vulnerability of my heart that is leading me into this firebound transformation. Thank you, Stephanie for bringing Fire to us as the beautiful, powerful and transformative catalyst that it is.- Terese

“It was no small feat for a little woman like you to bring a group of prison bound young men into the woods. I didn’t like leaving you there, but I heard the laughing before we left and knew you had begun. The reason we asked you was because of what you already did for us. And you did not disappoint. These guys don’t break down. And somehow in just a couple hours, you had them opening up and in tears. They talked all the way back about how great it was and the bus was full of friends instead of muscles on guard. Keep it up, we have more work to do with you.” Fr. Justice, ATI

“Stephanie, thanks for last night’s fire walk. Last night? Seems impossible. Out of time and space, very magical. I’m not sure where to file this in my already ecstatically-stretched memory. The ability to walk on fire, as you must have reminded us several times, is ancient. It’s in our blood. I felt that I was doing something I have done before, and before that. . .But thank-you for opening that familiar door. Intimately familiar and yet. . .I needed your easiness of manner, your gentle, irresistible nudge, your totally convincing affirmation that we already know how to be in our power to say yes or no. . .and to join you where anything is possible. Thank you for your amazing give-away. Gary
“I wanted to tell you what an incredible experience I had at last night’s fire. The funny thing is, after having observed it, it becomes clear that I need a new hypothosis as to why it is possible to walk on hot coals. The scientific theories I have read about talk about conduction etc and yet don’t talk of sinking up to your ankles in the coals or the coals *sticking* to you as you walk. I still have that kiss on the sole of my foot and I feel like its reminding me that *it is possible*. But not for the reasons I have heard. Thank you so much.” Ceredwyn

“Just wanted to thank you for such a profound evening with the fire walk. My father passed from cancer in May. Esophageal ..they said it was due to alcoholism. I drink socially but probably more than I should being single and often going out with friends. I’ve been tired of it for some time. Alchohol was one of the things on my paper I offered to the fire. On my way home some friends were at the local bar and asked me to stop in. I didn’t want to but I did. I entered the bar and ring of fire by Johnny cash was on the jukebox!! I Nearly fell over! Took it in for a minute then exited the bar. I listened to the fire. Feel free to share and I look forward to meeting the fire again. Kelly

I just wanted to express my deep gratitude for the gift of your energy and guidance at the intensive. It was truly a transformative experience. I have been to many spiritual retreats and this one was of a different quality for me. I felt more present and able to be with others as they went through their process, in a deeper way then I have in the past. You created a safe and connected group in a very short period of time. Not always an easy thing to do. I’m looking forward to continuing to deepen my practice and seeing you in the future.- Maria

“Since the firewalk, I’ve noticed I’m laughing and smiling much more. Like I used to.. And as far as opening my heart back up for love..I have a date Sunday!! It’s been almost 2 yrs since I broke up with my ex and haven’t even wanted to go out. Man that Fire works fast!! I also turned an empty room into a yoga / meditation area. 3 days strong! I’ve been wanting to make that space for a long time. Please let me know when the group is meeting again.

“The thing that most amazes me is that it is less about teaching people how to walk on fire, and more about raising the group synergy through mutual challenges. Each of us was really pulling for everyone else to succeed and they did! By the end of the night we were all one family. It would be my honor to walk the fire with you again! In fact, if I can share this with you, my dream is to break my own personal record and, if possible, break the world record for the longest firewalk. With the right support, I would like to attempt some very long firewalks to test the limits of my endurance to see if it is possible. Would you be willing to coach me? Dan Glynn. (Note: Dan did materialize his dream and walked 750 feet of fire, with my support on October 17, 2009)

Stephanie Foy, Dimensions in Healing
Yeah, but what are your Credentials?


(CranioSacral, Structural and Somatic Experiencing)

  • Myofascial Release Therapy with Barnes Institute I, II & III
  • Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
  • Hugh Milne’s Visionary Craniosacral Work
  • Upledger Teaching Assistant CranioSacral I & II
  • Upledger Institute Craniosacral trainings through the Advanced level
  • Licensed New York State Board Certified Massage Therapist since 2000 (1020 hours)
  • 3-year training in Trauma Resolution – Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
  • Additional training in Trauma resolution and Attachment
  • Trauma & Attachment with Diane Poole Heller
  • Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience

Energy Medicine

  • Reiki – Master Level
  • Quantum Theta Healing – Basic & Advanced DNA; Intuitive Anatomy

Shamanic Studies

  • 3-year Core Shamanism practice: Seeing with the Heart
  • Sandra Ingerman – Soul Retrieval & Medicine for the Earth
  • Land Medicine – Vision Questing
  • Hawaiian Temple Bodywork
  • Soul Medicine and Trance Dance
  • Sundoor Initiation & Firewalking
  • Sweat lodge medicine

The teachings I have received from Nature and Earth are not quantifiable here, but are the deepest and most profound Shamanic medicine understandings that I carry.


Master Firewalk Instructor

  • Empowerment / International Master Firewalker
  • Corporate Firewalk Instructors Training
  • Sundoor Spiritual Master Training with Nuptul Tenpei Nyima Rinpoche

Rensselaer County Hospice – providing energy healing and support for end of life comfort.

Helping Hands Outreach – providing massage for Crime Victims Unit, Troy, New York & Chair Massage Local Fire Departments. 9/11

At-Risk Youth Outreach – providing rite of passage empowerment to at-risk youth ages 12-17.

Thank you to my teachers:
A true teacher is one that knows your inner landscape and can hold you in your wholeness, until you find yourself there. Over the years I have had many teachers. My sincere gratitude to those who truly walk the heart walk, weave the way and share it with others. Among whom are: Tracey Alysson; Tom Cochran; Donna Jason; Peggy Dylan; Peter Levine; and Raja Selvam.

Practical benefits: (Is it all just woo woo?)

  • Resolve trauma and regain vitality
  • Freedom from migraines
  • Live more fully
  • Access truth and wisdom
  • Reconnect to power and joy

I look forward to meeting you.



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