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Stephanie Foy / “Who I am is not separate from what I do.”


As Ram Dass says “We are all just walking each other home”. It would be an honor to walk with you on part of your journey.

Who I am is not separate from what I do.

Your safety and wellbeing are important to me.  I am not a dabbler in any of my offerings.  I continue to learn and practice in honor of my Teachers, the Elements ~ Fire, Water and Earth ~ and the vast, tender Human Heart.  It is my greatest joy to be a guide to soul.

CranioSacral therapy is central to the hands on bodywork I offer.   At the time of this writing (2014) I have invested sixteen years of study, fifteen years of practice, and have well understood and integrated the tools that I share here with you.

In 2013, I completed a 3 year study in Peter Levine’s Trauma Resolution (Somatic Experiencing “SE”).  SE offers a defined clarity of the delicate layers of the nervous system and structures of the body. SE provides an avenue of understanding how we respond to and can heal from trauma.

Honoring wild nature and human wholeness is key to my work in the world.  I am a Wilderness Guide, through the School of Lost Borders. I gratefully serve Wilderness Rites of Passage.  Vision fasting, medicine walks and nature retreats are some of the ways I offer to honor your wild inner landscape, nature and wholeness.

In 2005, I became a Certified Empowerment Teacher and Firewalk Instructor through Sundoor. I have walked on fire well over six hundred times.  I  believe in the power of fire, in deconstructing limiting beliefs, and in the healing aspects of community. I teach firewalking workshops, offer private firewalk ceremonies, rites of passage through firewalk and group and private intensives.

As a guide to soul, through your dark or blind corners, I will be protective. I will not let you lie to yourself, or beat yourself up. I will not offer a promise of a 10 minute cure to a lifelong pattern. I do not cut corners, though I will not waste your time. I have been through some of the most challenging of human experiences and offer relevance, respect and a wide range of tools. I am happy to journey with you to help you recover your gifts. I will have your back while you dive deep. I will help to keep you focused on your tangible goals.

I look forward to meeting you.

With thanks:  A true teacher knows your inner landscape and holds you in wholeness, until you find yourself there.  Many thanks to those who truly walk the heart walk, weave the way and share it with others. My sincere gratitude to: Tracey Alysson; Bill Plotkin; Tom Cochran; Donna Jason; Larry Hobbs; Emerald North; Peggy Dylan; Peter Levine; Raja Selvam, and of course, the Great Mystery, Life.

Stephanie Foy, Dimensions in Healing
Yeah, but what are your Credentials?


(CranioSacral, Structural and Somatic Experiencing)

  • Myofascial Release Therapy with Barnes Institute I, II & III
  • Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
  • Hugh Milne’s Visionary Craniosacral Work
  • Upledger Teaching Assistant CranioSacral I & II
  • Upledger Institute Craniosacral trainings through the Advanced level
  • Licensed New York State Board Certified Massage Therapist since 2000 (1020 hours)
  • 3-year training in Trauma Resolution – Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
  • Additional training in Trauma resolution and Attachment
  • Trauma & Attachment with Diane Poole Heller
  • Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience

Energy Medicine

  • Reiki – Master Level
  • Quantum Theta Healing – Basic & Advanced DNA; Intuitive Anatomy

Shamanic Studies

  • 3-year Core Shamanism practice: Seeing with the Heart
  • Sandra Ingerman – Soul Retrieval & Medicine for the Earth
  • Land Medicine – Vision Questing
  • Hawaiian Temple Bodywork
  • Soul Medicine and Trance Dance
  • Sundoor Initiation & Firewalking
  • Sweat lodge medicine

The teachings I have received from Nature and Earth are not quantifiable here, but are the deepest and most profound Shamanic medicine understandings that I carry.


Master Firewalk Instructor

  • Empowerment / International Master Firewalker
  • Corporate Firewalk Instructors Training
  • Sundoor Spiritual Master Training with Nuptul Tenpei Nyima Rinpoche

Rensselaer County Hospice – providing energy healing and support for end of life comfort.

Helping Hands Outreach – providing massage for Crime Victims Unit, Troy, New York & Chair Massage Local Fire Departments. 9/11

At-Risk Youth Outreach – providing rite of passage empowerment to at-risk youth ages 12-17.


Fanning the Flames
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