There are certain voices that are excite me. Certain truths that love to be heard. Certain things that have been silent for ages, now rising.

Some voices come from a knowing, a knowing of bone deep truth, an open human heart, a wise soul, and grounded common sense. This voice exists in all cultures and ages, regardless of color or class.

I do not care what man’s textbooks you have studied. That does not make your life more valid or human. I want to know if you can grow your own food, or listen to your intuition or look into the eyes of the dying.

I want to hear the voice of people who are living life and experiencing textures and colors, not just reading fiction from the starched walls of an institution or a plush living room.

I long to hear the full and fearful voice rising from a personal and unique well of deep knowing. It sounds like freedom.

I want to hear the voices of the elders that have been here, feet on earth, witnessing decades of creation. It sounds like wisdom.

I want to hear the tales of those from afar, the stories of cultures more ancient than ours. It sounds like inspiration.

And the voice of the child erupting in laughter, gloriously in on a new humor, may it ring safely in our streets.

I want to hear the voice of those who don’t conform, who aren’t told what to think or say or feel.

I want to hear the risky voices not interested in popularity or punishment.

More interesting than someone who can recite lines from a book that I can check out of my own library, I want to hear the lines written on the walls of your heart.

The grit of a true existence is more informing and exciting to me than any university polish or scientific study.

I want to know the people who know themselves, and the earth ways, with an intimacy, and truth.

What voices do you long to hear?