This New Moon in Taurus brings a cycle that calls forth sensuous, grounded presence and earthly tending of big visions. Will you invite your vision for a visit today?

You might take a long look in your own heart-full eyes today and say “Yes, I have survived”. Acknowledge all the sacrifice and energy that has required. Let self love hold you. Take your time.

Feel the quality of the present moment. The air on your skin, the actual ground beneath your feet. The time now is for thriving, and it will require your focused efforts. There is a need for the steadfast bull within to rise and plow the way forward. Build and engage your resistance to stagnancy and old worn out ways.

Today’s earthly soil is ready for your soulfully tended seeds. Sow the energy within you, in-tend to look after these seeds, protect them and offer them an environment necessary for flourishing.

Check out your willingness. Will you get clear about the life you are choosing? Will you revisit your unique, soul plan and commit to it again this new moon?

Are you willing to look your vision in the eye, or are you hiding it behind fears and worn out thinking? Blaming, cowering and hiding who you are will not be a fruitful use of your time here on the planet.

If your energy is feeling flat, dare to ask what you are avoiding within. Connect with your own deep voice and listen.

This is your life. Your cycle to tend and recreate. It starts now.
~ SF