Have you been feeling the truth of the cold darkness of winter? Here exists a deep silence and the natural inclination to go within. How are you nurturing your winter self?

Be with the last bit of winter strongly – grieve the losses, claim what you are longing for and stand in this transition, feeling. Honor what has passed, hold ceremony.

This is not “depression”, this is a natural cycle of dark days and internal knowings. A time to rekindle the fire within, turn up the heat and listen to your soul. It is okay for you to rest. Rest does not make you lazy or depressed. Follow your body’s truth and inclinations during this precious time of nurturance.

Know too, that regrowth inevitably happens after this cycle, and that a full and rich Spring is ahead. The deeper you go, the brighter you will bloom. The light filled days are getting longer already. Nature tells us so, again and again.

Love, SF