How many things can you list that you do to check out? (Television, movies, food, alcohol, etc.)

What do you do regularly to check in? (Meditate, journal, bodywork, therapy, dream analysis, music)

Is there a balance? What is needed to recreate balance? A good detector can be your current emotion…are you feeling happy and whole? If not, it is likely that balance needs to be restored.

Simply sitting for a few minutes, becoming conscious of your body (feel your feet on the floor, your shoulders settling, your breath moving through) and asking “what’s happening inside” can often shed insight on what needs to be restored.

Perhaps fear requires a question of “what action do I need to take to regain safety”?
Anger often is clarified by asking “what boundary needs rebuilding”? or “what needs to be protected”
Sadness can be heard by asking “what needs to be released”? Can you create space for the natural healing of tears?

When we take time to listen to the soul regularly, we can restore balance and return to the feeling of wholeness.