As we enter the age of truth our physical bodies are experiencing a detoxification – a die-off of the untruths. Many of you will experience this consciously as a cleanse or time of purification; and many will experience it less consciously as an evacuation and purging. Truth feels lighter and clearer. You will grow less able to host untruth in your physical bodies. It will be quite uncomfortable as your body points out what is in-congruent with your true self and directs you to restore truth. Getting clean and coming clean will be at the forefront. Choosing denial will be of little help as the physical body ups the ante to rid itself of distortion in order to move freely with the soul to the next place in human consciousness.

You may have noticed that many structures based on deception and illusion can no longer hide behind a false cloak of power. There is transparency where there was once darkness. In the open now the Catholic Church’s years of tyranny and abuse, the blatent disregard for women and homosexuality in Christianity, the poisoning of the people with toxic chemicals and greed practices by Corporations and Banks, the inhumane mass producing of toxic food supplies, Pharmaceutical wars on health, media blackouts, Government and it’s wall of bigotry, misogyny and tyranny.

On a personal level you may be facing the destruction of core belief patterns, challenging what you “thought” was truth for a lifetime. Relationship structures crumbling before us as we hold a knowing that yet to exist is a new paradigm; power imbalances you tolerated now being brought to light.

You will know truth by the way it resonates in your whole body. Once you have heard truth, you can no longer lie to yourself or be lied to in the same way again. You can breathe around truth, even when it lands in a place that unsettles the illusions. At your core, you are the energy of truth. Love is truth. Truth is knowing.

We are in the Abyss. Trust in the process. Daily practices will be of great value during this transition towards the fullness of truth. Holding a knowing of who you are (rather than a belief or an imposed identity) anchors the security of grasping this next trapeze bar ~ and riding with trust and grace into the truth ahead.

Photo by Karen Casey-Smith