Don’t you just love the holidays? What makes them holy, fulfilling and celebratory?

This time of year I hear a similar disturbing tone regarding the holidays. A tone of obligation and exhaustion. Today I heard a client say “I just don’t feel like putting up a Christmas tree this year”. Yesterday, I heard another say how much they dreaded their family gatherings. I think that is your health speaking. Resisting and refusing to comply with an outworn, rote gesture for the sake of tradition is wearing people thin! Following society’s commercial idea of a holiday is not necessary. Nor is following a tradition that no longer breathes. How can you breathe life back into your traditions?

If your physical and emotional health suffers, and your financial health declines this time of year, maybe it’s time to rethink your approach. Holiday blues could be your health trying to speak up! There is nothing to feel guilty about, perhaps it just time for a new plan. You might begin by asking yourself what would feel meaningful? What would feel fun? What would place you in the spirit of community and family? What is too much? What is enough?

How can you create a tradition that is energy producing rather than energy draining? What fears come up as you contemplate making change? Will you still be loved? Will you be judged? Might others in your tribe also welcome some freedom and new energy? Can you allow your creative juices to flow and create a unique and new way to celebrate what is meaningful?