The Equinox is a powerful time of year. This year we are especially blessed to have the harvest moon shining upon us as we gather the fruits of the Earth Mother. We are now standing between the light and the dark, and can honor the equality. The nights will now be longer, and we are invited to step into the darkness. This threshold allows us to see with a defined clarity the balance (or imbalance) within. Nature mirrors our internal experience, as it teaches us how to shed and let go we witness the leaves dropping from the trees. Before the leaves are shed, they change before our us, transforming into a full and glorious incarnation. We revel in their beauty, their golden glow and brilliance, and then surrender to their impermanence. This, another bittersweet touchstone on the wheel of the natural cycle. Our internal process also another visit to a natural cycle on the wheel of life. This season offers us an opportunity to go within and explore what has grown this year, what needs careful tending, and what must be let go. Dive deep and do not be afraid of the dark. It too contains wisdom and beauty.

Taking time to be still and silent, ask yourself what is ready to be shed? What aspect of personality, what habitual pattern, tendency or trait are you ready to release? Once you have named this aspect, ask yourself what you are willing to do to continue your awareness and commitment to change? Can you commit to a practice for the next 40 days to bring consciousness to your desired outcome?